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Tuesday, 05 July 2016 00:31

fall stairsFall prevention is really not an popular topic for discussion between a doctor-patient visit, however facts tells us that it is the number one leading cause of injury among older adults. As we get older, our health and body changes, not to mention the various medications we take to treat some of our health conditions increases, thus making us at risk to fall accidents.


Here are some basic measures which will help us prevent fall accidents:

$11.      Make an appointment with your medical providers- Certain health conditions can affect our balance and make us at risk of fall injuries, be prepared to discuss any other health conditions that will help your doctor identify your risk and help you lessen your risk of fall. pillA review of all your medication’s side effects and interactions with your doctor is very important. Some medications may cause impairment in your ability to focus or makes you drowsy and make you at risk of fall accidents. Your doctor could probably schedule the timing of these medications or he may gradually wean you of these medications. Your occupational therapist may also give some points on how to do everyday tasks, assess your balance, recommend the use of devices and suggest exercises to help you maintain and improve your balance.  excercise

$12.      Maintain an exercise regimen- Daily exercise will improve muscle strength, balance, coordination and flexibility which will lessen your risk of fall accidents and improve overall health. Exercise also improves your bone health which could lessen your risk of fracture during fall accidents.

$13.      Wear sensible foot wear- Choose properly fitting, sturdy with nonskid soles shoes.slip shoe

$14.      Check for slip hazards in your home- Make your home safer by making walk ways clear of any unnecessary obstacles like electrical, phone cords and furniture. Secure loose rugs, repair wooden floors and carpeting right away make use of nonslip mats and strips inside the bath and staircase.slip kitchen

$15.      Proper lighting for your living space- Keeping your home properly lit will help you navigate safely inside. Put on night lights inside your bedroom, along the hallways and bathrooms. Make sure switches are easy to find and near room entrances. Always turn on the lights on before coming inside a room or before going up and down the stairs.   

$16.      Use assistive devices- You may be recommended to use a cane or a walker to keep you steady. Other assistive devices can also help you like Putting hand rails on both sides of the stairs, nonslip strips for wooden steps, grab bars for the bath and toilet, non slip mats.


slip investThere are many ways you can guarantee the safety of your home and to your person to prevent any fall accidents. Some solutions may be easily installed and are inexpensive. Others may require professional help and a bigger investment. Just remember that any investment especially if it helps you in promoting your health is a worthwhile investment. These methods will help you move independently and safely about. So take time to brainstorm with your doctor/ therapist or your family members on fall-prevention strategies.

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